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Service is what Julie Pfefer & Associates prides itself on.

The most important thing was the immediate response and attention I received from Julie. Julie provided information so that I could get better coverage for less money on my Auto and Homeowners coverage. I am always impressed by her professionalism and knowledge . I am lucky a good friend recommended Julie. I know I have an Agent I can trust ....David Biegelsen

Julie Pfefer has been my insurance agent for home, auto, and motor scooter for 12 years.   Through changing scenarios of house sales, teen drivers, kids in college, renter’s insurance, and changes in insurance company policies and rates, Julie has always given me quick and accurate advice to save me money when possible, and more importantly  –  to make sure I am covered adequately and without interruption .…Bob Walkenhorst

​I went to Julie in hopes of getting a better deal than my previous policy.  She did not disappoint!  I saved a significant amount of money, and the agency is much more responsive to my questions.  I recommend her to all my family and friends ....Scott Saunders

Julie has been an asset to my personal insurance needs, my business, and my clients.  What I like most about working with Pfefer & Assoc. is they do a detailed review of individual needs, explaining what different coverage means and how they may or may not work and how much coverage is adequate for each situation.  I love knowing my clients are taken care of as well. I feel peace of mind that they are getting great service as well as value with the ability to write through several companies.  Another great asset they provide to us professionally is the ability to get us a quote on insurance for our clients for properties they may have interest in purchasing.  If I am looking at homes for someone with a tight budget, I can call Pfefer & Assoc. to get a bid on that house with that client so we can provide accurate numbers to lenders for payment estimates.  This has been so helpful and has created one more reason my clients consider me helpful.  Thank you Pfefer team for making us look good while protecting our needs ....Pam Kedish, Kedish Realty Group

You make insurance easy by doing the research for me. I really appreciate that! ....Megan Ciafullo 

Julie!!!! You have been beyond an awesome agent over the past (like 12+?!) yrs. You've been around checking and comparing to find me the best insurance deals,student/good grade discounts when I was in school all the way to renters insurance. I doubt you remember talking to me when I was blubbering through my first major accident (NOT AT FAULT, lady basically t-boned me). You've been here helping me through each new car and each move and you are appreciated!!!! Thank you so much!!! ....Paige Hollis

Julie is always looking out for our best interests. She makes timely suggestions and recommendations and gives us appropriate advice and adequate time to make the best choices. She has developed trust over the years by providing excellent service, quick response to any questions or issues that we encounter. I know from experience I can always count on her ....William Burnett

Quick review and turnaround on renewals ....Thomas Mitchell

I really like the personal service. Julie took her time working out all the changes and we really appreciate that. I would recommend Julie Pfefer and Associates to anyone needing a change! ….Sara Ashcraft

Your company has always been friendly and able to respond to any questions I had ….Edward Jones

Excellent customer service. We are very happy with the coverages in our new home and auto policies and excited about the cost savings. ….John Ortner

Julie combines professionalism and friendly customer service to provide a pleasant experience each time I speak with her about my rates or a claim. I trust her to have my best interests at heart when searching for the best rates for my policies. Thanks, Julie! ….Linda Van Veen

With my experience with Julie Pfefer, I feel like she is always looking for the best coverage and price in order to meet or exceed my needs. ….Patricia McMahan

Great customer service. Responds quickly, very helpful, and pleasant to work with for finding the right insurance plan for my family and filing claims ....Jenni Fox

Julie has always been very helpful and responds very quickly to any of my questions ..... Lori Lange

Three words - Unsurpassed customer experience! Why do I go with Julie and team: 1) Responsiveness - Anytime, and I mean ANYTIME, Julie and team respond to my questions or issues promptly and with extremely valuable advice. 2) Time Saver - For those whom do not have time to get into the details of their various insurances to ensure they are adequately covered, Julie and team are more than able to provide that sense of security in a cost effective manner. 3) Value Added - I bid out my insurances every year and Julie and team always manage to win my business. Combined with factors 1 and 2 above, I am extremely satisfied to do business with Julie Pfefer and Associates.  ....George Robles

Julie is simply, the best. She's prompt, attentive and consistently shows genuine concern for all my insurance needs. She keeps tabs on my rates without me having to constantly take time to do so which is a huge help. Can't recommend her enough ….John Griswold

You always work with us on getting the best rates for our needs ….Warren Torrence

Availability pretty much whenever I call/text or email. Very handy for a person as busy as myself. I do feel bad for the Sunday bothers though ….James Hartzfeld

Julie and her team are great! Extremely knowledgeable, responsive and a joy to work with! ….Allison Thompson 

Julie is fantastic at communication and providing the most up to date information. I have enjoyed working with her ….Crystal Babb

I like that you email me a personal summary of changes before my policy updates for a new year! ....Kelley Melvin

The quick response when I have questions or problems …..Kris Boyle

I like that she compares my rates every year to make sure I am getting the best rate ….Heather Reever

Julie promptly answers any questions I have, whether home or auto. Love the great service!!! ....Doug Foster

Always available to take care of our insurance needs ….David Clary

Julie is always responsive and knowledgeable! ….William Gist

Instant replies to my questions and I feel like I am getting the lowest rates ….Kelly Dennis

Quick responses and attention to detail ….Randy Penland

Julie helped me find the best deal, doing all the hard work! She was very timely and reliable in communication. I worked with Julie as I was moving from out of state and she was very accommodating! ….Lianna Ho

I have been trying to get a good price on my insurance. Given my age I’m 21 and I didn’t have a long driving record, so finding insurance that wasn’t going to burn a hole in my wallet was very hard. But I had been with my previous car insurance for about 6 months and it was the lowest rate I found. But I got ahold of Julie and she was able to lower my insurance rate down $100 and that’s just unbelievable. As a college student saving money is always on my mind. So I was so grateful that she could do that for me and I have already given out her name to a lot of my co workers. Also very flexible my schedule is very weird and she was able to do everything over text which is very awesome! Thank you Julie ….Breanna Hack

Julie has been absolutely amazing to work with. She has been helping my family with our home and auto policies for over 10 years. Somehow she is always available and ready to help with anything we need. I have recommended her to my family and friends and will continue to recommend her to anyone needing someone to make life a little easier. There is one less thing I have to worry about and I have peace of mind knowing she is always looking to get me the best coverage for the best price ….Sean Gilbert

Julie is the best. She has handled my home insurance for close to 2 years now and everything about the entire process has been great - I'd highly recommend ….David Justice

Friendly, professional, and responsive ….Clay Berry

We've been working with Julie for our home and auto insurance for about 12 years. She is always finding us the best rates when companies make changes, always quick with an answer when we have a question, and drops us friendly reminders when we've overlooked something ….Robert Walkenhorst

Do something today your future self will thank you for. Choose Julie Pfefer & Associates for your insurance needs. Julie is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She has helped me through the insurance claim process with top notch advice and services. Julie is very personable and a joy to work with and never minds the hundreds of questions I ask and she takes so much time to find the right product for our home and auto needs ….Janet Anderson

You are always on top of every question(s) we have, turn around time is very quick ….Matthew Sargent 

I feel that you have tried to get me the best discounts and plans available to meet my needs always prompt and quickly answered all of my questions ….Ryan Peters

Quick response. Super knowledgeable! I feel as if Julie cares about my time and needs ….Misty Collene

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