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Nick May

Nick May, M-Arc, first became affiliated with Julie Pfefer & Associates back in 2014 as a client of the agency. Like all of Julie’s clients, Nick became part of the Pfefer Agency family, where he discovered extraordinary customer care and a familiar voice at the other end of the phone.


Over the last 6 years, Julie began to utilize Nick as part of her network due to his background as an architect and successful realtor in the Kansas City area. Likewise, Nick would go to Julie with insurance questions which helped avoid potential issues with real estate clients. 

Last year, Nick relocated to St. Paul, MN, where he is continuing his work in real estate. After a lot of discussion and because of his many interests, Nick now holds insurance licenses in Minnesota, Kansas and Missouri.


Any client of Nick’s, either new or existing, quickly finds out how much he values attention to detail and how diligently he works to ensure long-term relationships. This is a core value of Julie Pfefer & Associates. 

Additionally, Nick is a bit of a gear-head, with firsthand knowledge of just about every car one can imagine. He is a collector of art and mid-century modern furniture, and a true animal lover.  He is a veritable treasure trove of information. 

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